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As a data scientist you'll be responsible for creating and building systems that add intelligence to their products and services. This enables their customers to gain advanced insights into their (potential) clients or relations. You will help retrieve valuable information from unstructured data (for instance text or websites), but also make it possible to link new data sources so we can enrich our data.

An example of a project we have been working on is extracting sentiment from news articles and linking them to companies. This way our customers can quickly see if a certain company has recently had a lot of negative publicity. Another example is automatically adding more relevant labels to companies, this way they can predict that a financial holding is actually a supermarket chain. You'll get the chance to work a lot with machine learning, so it's crucial that you have a good understanding of common methods and tools in this space. It is also important to understand how to evaluate those methods. And also you'll have the opportunity to take your ideas all the way from proof-of-concept to production. Especially in the later stages they get help from other teams, but it's important to have a solid background in software development. The team will consist of 4 people (including the team lead and you). Following the Scrum methodology, we will work closely together with our product owner and other teams.

Goals and objectives

  • Building and evaluating machine learning models;
  • Translate business ideas into practical data science solutions (and vice versa);
  • Be creative in using already available data or think of a smart way of collecting new data;
  • Write software to serve the model predictions to other teams (or end users);
  • Create useful APIs or data pipelines to integrate our products with the rest of the company;
  • Write efficient code so we can bring our models to production quickly.


Our client is part of a large news channel that has it's own paper and newsstation. As a department they're one of the key players in the guiding customers in marketing and policy. They build high-traffic API's that give their clients real-time access to company information in more than twenty knowledge domains. As a company they believe that working with the newest/latest tech, is the way to go. And also that a flat structure in the organization creates and improves innovation and initiatives. At this moment they're looking for someone who can stand out within this environment and help them deliver deliver the highest standards of service and innovation to demanding corporate customers. Does that sound like you?


  • Experience with software development;
  • Hands on experience with Python;
  • Preferably you have experience with some of the tools we use like AWS, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch and SQL;
  • Hands on experience with machine learning;
  • Preferably you have experience in any of the following fields: natural language processing, specifically: document classification, named entity recognition and entity linking, time series analysis/prediction, or information retrieval;
  • Preferably you have used some of the packages we use like Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, Numpy, Scipy, transformers, Pandas;
  • At least 2 years of relevant work experience;
  • Great communication skills, written and spoken, in English (it's nice if you speak Dutch as well, but not required);
  • Master's degree in AI, Data science, Software engineering, Computer science or another relevant field.


  • They offer you a dynamic environment with innovative, challenging and diverse projects, directly benefitting their clients and their management.
  • Working together in a passionate team that continues to strive for being the first/best in the market, modern management, no hierarchy and an informal atmosphere.
  • The team will consist of 4 people (including the team lead and you). Following the Scrum methodology, you'll will work closely together with the product owner and other teams.
  • They offer part-time and fulltime possibilities, flexible hours, and an excellent salary.
  • Medior or Senior experience in between €3500 to €5500
  • Because they work with the latest technologies, they offer the opportunity to keep on developing yourself by taking courses, attending (and presenting at) conferences, etc. The office is centrally located in Amsterdam, next to the Amstel train station. With a sunny rooftop for Friday afternoon drinks.


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  • 3500 tot 4500
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